The new restaurant

The new restaurant

Johnny’s name is now known all over the world. Johnny Micalusi ai Parioli is the result of a lifetime of opening restaurants worldwide, from Rome to Milan via Barcelona, London, Porto Cervo, Moscow and Circeo.

Johnny Micalusi
in Rome

Only restaurants bearing the name Johnny Micalusi can be traced back to me. I have no other business interests or consultancies.

My Rome restaurant, where you’ll find me every day, is at Viale Parioli 103C.
There are currently 2 other Johnny Micalusi locations, one in Porto Cervo and one in San Felice Circeo, open exclusively during the summer.

Ever been this close to the sea?

The secret of my success has always been visible to everyone at the entrance to my restaurants: it’s the fish, sourced from Terracina and the other local auctions.
Every day, as soon as it arrives, it is displayed at the entrance to the restaurant.
Brilliant that only I can find thanks to my 40 years of experience as a fisherman, fishmonger and restaurateur.

“People have to feast first with their eyes. Then with their palate”.

Two private rooms for your exclusive events

To make the experience at Johnny Micalusi even more exclusive, I created two private rooms on the first floor of the restaurant, ideal for any type of occasion, for a business meeting or to celebrate an anniversary.

Exclusive dishes and the freshest ingredients

The Great Seafood Plateau, the Tuna Tartare with potato mash, the Sea Bass Tartare with avocado, the Red Shrimp or Amberjack Carpaccio are just some of the most popular dishes in our restaurant. Each dish is the result of our daily pledge to bring the true taste of the sea to your table.

Do you like Italian seafood cuisine?

Book now to taste the traditional recipes of the fishermen of Terracina

Tel: +39 06 80704 44