When you have top quality ingredients, you don’t need lengthy preparation or complex recipes to make great dishes. That’s why I wanted to continue the tradition of Mama Assunta’s recipes, which I’ve updated over the years according to my own taste, and by listening to what my friends tell me.

The true taste of the sea

Popular starters with my guests include: the Grand Plateau of Seafood, Tuna Tartare on potato mash, Sea Bass Tartare with avocado, Red Prawn or Amberjack Carpaccio, Cacciatore-style Toadfish Tail, Bread Carasau with Anchovies and Burrata di Andria, Red Prawns with Broccoli, Squid with Chicory, Poached Octopus or Sea Bass and Aubergine rolls.

Pasta specialities include Gnocchetti with Red Prawns, Datterino Tomatoes and Pecorino, Trofie with Sea Bass and Lemon, Spaghetti with Clams, Fettuccine with Octopus sauce and Spaghetti with Lobster or Blue Lobster.

Among the main courses, the most popular are Catalan lobster or lobster, sea bass in salt, John Dory with cherry tomatoes and olives, and fried squid, prawns and paranza.

“When you sit at the table your tastebuds run wild… that’s when I bring my guests the best dishes of the day”.

Johnny Micalusi

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